ClearScan Technology selects the least encumbered
Frequency channels for your region.  Combine multiple
systems for Centralized Control and/or Educational
Health Care Facilities.
NFL tested and
proven beltpack
offers control at
user's fingertips.

A large variety of
headsets are
available to offer
something for
Discreet, extremely
sensitive, ceiling
mount microphone,
allows ALL voices in
the procedure room
to be introduced into
the CH. B headset
audio stream, while
CH. A remains only
for users with
Park Ridge Hospital is among over twenty systems installed
in Rochester, NY.
Among our many
satisfied users
with multiple
systems include
the staff at Henry
Medical Center
in Stock Bridge,

Additional states
with Hospital
installs include,
and NY.
A ceiling mounted
speaker broadcasts
only desired audio
(via switch on the
beltpack) into the
procedure room to
allow staff members
without headsets to
hear the control
room technician.
NET has developed a unique product
for your challenging environment.
Finally, a system specifically
developed for Cath Labs
Buffalo - Syracuse - Rochester - Albany - Watertown - Binghamton
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