Telecor's eSeries Network Intercom is a next-generation, full-featured,
non-blocking intercom system with no central server requirements.
Telecor's eSeries Network Intercom featuring eStation, eConsole, e-Amplifier, e-Clock, and e-Speaker
Telecor's eSeries Network Intercom offers intercom, public
addressing, music broadcasting, digitally stored
announcements, and a synchronized clock system over a
facility's LAN.

High-definition audio ensures crystal clear voice communications
and outstanding music broadcast quality. Peer-to-peer
technology provides a practically unlimited number of speech
channels with unrestricted access to any device on the system.

Just Plug It In!  With power-over-ethernet technology,
Telecor eliminates all network administration headaches. Simply
plug in stations, speakers, consoles, and clocks to your LAN as
needed to scale your facility's requirements. While the system
can be customized, no programming is necessary - each device
becomes functional as soon as you plug it in!
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